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John Dodson

Startup Ignition was eye opening for me and helped to set me on a path of entrepreneurship that I knew very little about. We covered topics from validation, team building, finances, to Lean Startup. John Richards, the founder and lead instructor, was to the point and clear about challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs will face as they set themselves on the journey of building a startup. In addition to the program, he provides three months of mentorship for your startup, and has always been available and willing to provide feedback, even after. John continues to be a trusted mentor to this day. He really cares about his students. The bootcamp was well worth the time and money. So worth it, that I took it again, and brought along a teammate of mine for the experience and learning.

Dustin Startup Ignition knows how to PROPERLY start a company the right way. You will learn about how to make sure your business idea will even legs before spending tons of money on building it out. Amoung other things, you learn about validation and why that is critical in ALL start ups. Money and time well spent!