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Chris Allen I come from a background in many different areas. The most recent being ministry. I had a 4 year degree in math and about a year of self-taught experience as I was beginning the Louisville Software Guild .NET/C# Bootcamp. I quickly exhausted all that I learned in my year of self-teaching within the first 3 weeks of the bootcamp. Not only did I learn how to code, but I also learned other concepts that are extremely important if you want to break into the field. Concepts like OOP, how to write clean code, testing, data structuring, MVC, and others. Between in-class work and home-work I put in, on average, 70 hours a week for the duration of the 12 weeks. I also drove an hour one way everyday to attend the in person bootcamp. I say that just in case someone else is thinking about taking the plunge but doesn't live in Louisville. It was difficult, but definitely doable. After the Guild it only took 2 weeks to be hired by a company in Louisville. I believe most of my class (maybe 90%) of them had already accepted/pending job offers by this point as well. The only negative thing I could say about my time with the Software Guild was that my .NET/C# professor was pretty terrible, but he's since moved on from the Software Guild. All the other staff is phenomenal though!