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Nik Anderson This was an eye-opening experience. John's depth of entrepreneurial knowledge was amazing. I f you are set on becoming an entrepreneur, or even if its something that you would like to look into, you need to take this course. By taking this course, you will learn and understand the lean startup method. You will probably save yourself countless amounts of time and money by doing what John teaches you. John, Gary, and Tyler were all awesome instructors with REAL world experience. They are all well connected and can help you solve just about any problem you come across. Listen to me and sign up for his next cohort. You will not regret it!!
Charles Essential for any want to be entrepreneurs! Lean Startup methodology delivered in an understandable, useable manner — and fun to boot!

Hard to exaggerate the impact SI had on my perspective about life, business and entrepreneurship. I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to get started or a refresher once you are already walking the path. There are hundreds of courses out there but learning from a successful entrepreneur that is a gifted and willing teacher is rare. Thanks John!