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Anonymous The course was condense, rich with material, and gives you a practical opportunity to learn something new is the shortest period of time. At the same time, you learn the industry standard and some high level tricks and techniques.
Anonymous geekuni helped a lot to learn perl which i was a complete beginner. the course is pretty well structured and flow is really good. would be great if there is an easier way to export all the work from the VM.
Anonymous I found geek uni to be an excellent choice for learning a new programming language. The UI is clear and usable. The student boxes were surprisingly functional as well.
Anonymous I had always been interested in programming and had dabbled here and there throughout my teenage years and mid 20s. I'd done quite a bit of HTML & CSS and played around with making my own websites but on the proper programming side I had also dipped into some basic Python courses online (Treehouse) and a bit of C# (Learning to make games in Unity). When I started my role in the technical team two and a half years ago, I was very interested in trying my hand at development. Unfortunately as I had no real experience (bar some minor self taught knowledge) with programming, I didn't really see a way to get my foot in the door. Luckily, a few months later, we hired a trainer, and his role was designed to be partly based on mentoring junior developers & apprentices. As he hadn't hired any apprentices yet, and he saw that I was interested in programming, he suggested that I evaluate the course from the perspective of an apprentice, which I was happy to accept. My main goal was to learn enough to be able to contribute, if only a little, to the codebase and do a little development as part of my role in this team as I find the problem solving aspects very satisfying. I also wanted to be able to understand terminology and concepts that the developers discussed day to day. In a more personal capacity, I wanted to gain enough knowledge so that I had a solid foundation to build on and work on side projects at home in the future. I have now contributed to the codebase (if only in very small amounts) and can generally understand most technical conversations that take place in the office here. The course is comprehensive and gave me a solid framework for learning more advanced Perl down the line. The UX can sometimes feel a little clunky but works for the most part.
Stas Shvetsov

A smartly structured and well paced Perl course which starts from the bare-bones basics of "Hello World" and concludes with a complex project which fuses together all skills and concepts learnt along the way. I went from zero Perl knowledge prior to this course to being able to write my own Perl scripts and understand and contribute to production code within the space of just two weeks. Highly recommended for anyone wishing to learn this language.

Juan Pinazo Increased my productiveness by revealing unknown Perl caveats, the step-by-step increase in complexity, all full of examples and requiring me to work on solving the exercises has helped me to build a good base knowledge in Perl which was very important the job I had at hand.

I completed the Perl course by Andrew Solomon about 2 months back. This course was what I just needed. It covers almost all the perl basics with good explanation and well designed practice exercises. It helped me achieve a good level of confidence on my perl skills. Highly recommended to everyone.

Somshekher Badiger I found the perl training extremely well designed. It takes you step by step, trying to build the concept in a easy to understand way. It doesn't spoon feed you and lets you figure out some stuff for yourself. The exercises are well designed to challenge you and as you progress they are not easy too. I would recommend this to anybody who wants to learn perl the right way. Thank you Andrew and Geekuni.
Anonymous GeekUni has helped me to quickly understand some of the in's and out's of Perl. The course is well structured and the increase in the level of difficulty is perfect for beginners, as the questions will always force you to think deeply about the logic required to solve the problem. Moreover, the platform is very practical as it requires you to complete projects with large data sets. Which you have to manipulate and store efficiently in the most suitable data structures. All the problems in this course have provided me with the knowledge and skills to know work more confidently with Perl.
Anonymous I like that the training was hands on, requiring many activities before moving on the next step in the course. It helped me kick off the learning process in an efficient manner..
Anonymous Geek Uni really helped me get up to speed with working with Perl. The interactivity was crucial for my learning!
Shiwank Gupta

GeekUni has helped me to quickly understand some of the in's and out's of Perl. Course is well structured and the problems are very good for beginners to become mature in perl. I think it's increasing level of difficulty and use of old lessons in new lessons and the mix of exercises gives you quite good understanding of perl

George Kollias The courses were structured very well even for someone who has no experience with Perl. One of the pros is that you learn through completing tasks and not just theory. The description of the task was very analytical and thorough. Overall a very nice course, recommended for anyone who wants to learn Perl.
Anjali Sharma

My overall experience was great. I did it as part of onboarding into Perl, which was a completely new language for me. Switching to Perl from Ruby came with a lot of (un)learning curve and Geekuni was extremely helpful in that. Tactically created lessons and the flow highlighted the crucial powers of the language while teaching the basics and creating awareness of the common pitfalls you can bump into. The exercises were interesting and fun too.


I had been wanting to learn Perl and someone pointed me to Geekuni. I think that was spot on! The lessons were very well structured, very helpful for a complete beginner like myself. The exercises at the end of each topic were also very good, not only because it showed real-life examples, but also because it also forced me to think -- not just copying/pasting what was given in the lesson. It also showed me best practices and a good way to write idiomatic Perl.

Alexandros Mouzakidis

I took the perl courses from Geekuni when I joined asa backend engineer and I had to get familiar with the language fast. The course helps you by giving you all the information you need to understand how to read and write perl code, it takes you step by step in all the important aspects of the language and by making you to complete tasks make you to understand what are you doing and get productive really fast

Anonymous A great interactive learning platform with follow up from a professional teacher