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Alvin JAckson Firstly, I would like to say I tried learning this many times but never really grasped it. I finally understand it thanks to the drive and willingness of the teachers they had to help me succeed. Pros: Great curriculum Great Teachers and Assistants The course is well thought out and prepares you for more complex topics along the way. Class environment was very good and had a great positive feel. Teachers taught in a way for you to understand and also had one on one meeting to help if you were struggling. The course taught you more than just coding, it also taught you about making it a career, resumes, job interviews, and etc. All teachers and assistants were very helpful and really wanted you to learn and understand, you are not a "number" here. Cons: I didn't like the drive much, but that's on me. I did have the live video option, but I needed more hands on.
Diego Gonzalez

It really is a great program. I struggled going through it based on how I'm still in high school and had to go back and forth in between their homework, but other than that they had amazing staff and teachers to help you whenever u need. Great one-on-one meetings to check your progress and help you on assignments. I really appreciate everything that I went through. It was an amazing experience.