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Zachary Goldberg

I joined Inventive Academy pretty last-minute after only some brief online research and a quick trip to their classroom. It was a pretty easy decision for me to attend because 1) They work with SkillsFund, so I didn't need a co-signer for a loan... this was what enabled me to do any bootcamp at all (thanks SkillsFund!) 2) It is cheaper than comparable programs and 3) They offer a TON of in-class time. #3 was pretty important to me... When choosing a bootcamp I didn't want to put all my faith in the school name or what it was promising about the quality of its curriculum because coming from a liberal arts background I wasn't in a position to judge those things and from what I had heard a lot of the bigger-name bootcamps' quality hinges on whether you happen to get a good teacher or a very bad teacher and that changes every cohort. And I've got to hand it to myself--this was definitely the right decision. The in-class time kept me on track and motivated me like crazy. Inventive Academy taught me how to code. For over 6 months I pretty much had as much access to class time, teaching assistants, teachers, and learning resources as my schedule would allow. The teachers were fantastic... the lead instructor had decades of experience and the TAs were also working software developers during the day. Inventive Academy definitely changed my life for the better!