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Anonymous I came into the bootcamp with previous experience in Computer Science and some coding on the side. My main intent for joining Lighthouse was to learn more on Web Dev and find a job to switch industries. The courses were alright but I feel that there should have been some more challenging material outside of the generic "stretch" material they have. Staff on hand to provide assistance ranged in ability but were overall quite good in their ability to transfer knowledge and help through problems. The largest draw for me was the possibility to get introductions to companies hiring locally and this is where I felt the most let down by Lighthouse. I understand there was some staffing changes happening at that time but I feel like it was basically worthless. I ended up finding a position via another cohort member who referred it to me with the CEO at the company mentioning that Lighthouse had never presented me as one of the options available. TLDR: Alright bootcamp, crappy job placement that feels like it might provide preferential treatment at the expense of some but some great people working there.