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Aleksandra I was working as an E-commerce manager at a startup and was looking for an opportunity to switch to a pure UX Design role. A few unconfident attempts to get hired were unsuccessful due to a weak portfolio and not understanding how to market me in the industry. Beginex was a great step to improve my assets, clarify the area of my expertise, get an additional solid project in my portfolio, and meet knowledgeable experts-mentors for guidance and support. I signed a job offer 2,5 months after graduation. Pros: - real project with a real company - great opportunity to work in a team and meet people from the field - 1-1 meetings with mentors (I got a lot of support and guidance while interviewing for a new job) - working tools for successful job search ( Beginex keeps you on track even after the program) - convenient schedule ( I was able to keep my full-time job while working on a project with Beginex) - great value for a reasonable cost - a huge network of alumni working at prestige companies Things to consider: - must have at least understanding of UX basics beforehand - it will take more time than you think ( besides the class ones a week I was meeting my team in person at least twice a week, plus lots of video calls and actual work. be prepared to invest all free time for next 12 weeks) - fast phasing environment (it requires a lot of self-learning and independent research outside of the program)