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César Trevisan The course is a little expensive, but the material is great, all projects are revised by specialists. Udacity provide a wonderful learning experience. I plane take other courses in near future. As I sad before, the only negative point is the price of nanodegrees, it’s not inclusive.
PRANAB KUMAR DAS Udacity is one of the best platform for E-learning. I came to know about Udacity 2 years back. I took some python and algorithm courses. And guess what, The way of teaching by Udacity educators are extraordinary. They are explaining things in very depth with very simple example. Last year I joined the Machine Learning Nanodegree program and it was so good. The project design, quiz and notes are so helpful. Because of Udacity , currently I am working as a ML engineer in my current company.
Vineeth Raj B The teaching and the videos were great. Plus there was a great content and very good explanation for each content in the lessons. A very good mentorship was available and he was there to clear my misconceptions and he supported me in my hard times. The community channel also helped me to do my projects faster and there I met with many ideas. Udacity is the best one for shaping one's career. I hope I'll definitely place with my NanoDegree through careers. Hoping that to happen soon.
douglas da silva parnoff The platform, exercises and teachers were great! I could see and learn a introduction to Machine Learning and Python. One think that I didn't like was the out of Brazil, so, the price (dolar standard) is very expensive when exchange to local money (Real), than I can't pay and do another course.
Marcos Ennes Barreto I have enrolled in the Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer nanodegrees, even though holding two MSc, a PhD and a post-doctoral titles in Computer Science and Data Science. Udacity programmes are very nice and effective in terms of learning experience: how they explore and explain concepts, how you are involved and encouraged to solve real-world problems and which platforms and alternatives you have to play and develop with. You end up with a good set of skills and tooling needed for your further studies or daily work. I brought some of my MSc and PhD students with me, encouraged them to be enrolled in Udacity programmes. This has contributed to my research and teaching activities at my current job.
Rafael Severino de Oliveira Azambuja I was have a great experience learning with Udacity, best teachers make best professionals, I hope to study more in middle time! But so expensive, and I need has more money, so if you have don’t lost chance to study in Udacity, you are be so happy, try!
Omkar Sahasrabudhe I was student of Machine Learning Nanodegree at Udacity. For me it was an exciting learning experience. The instructors were experienced, and the method they used to ‎tought was so simple, meaningful and understandable. Before taking nanodegree I was react developer, and I was not satisfied with my job. But after completion nanodegree, now I am machine Learning engineer. And confident and more passionate. And at most I am satisfied with my job.
MANU SIDDHARTHA I have completed the Udacity's Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree program. It was a really awesome experience. The instructor was so good in explaining the concept and intuition behind. The best part is in-depth reviews for the course projects by experienced professionals which really helped me in learning useful skills. The course is worth of money. The career support is also very great they help me in making industry ready resume and shared some key points which helps me in shortlisting in many interview calls. Overall I definitely recommend this course to those who are serious in making their career in Machine learning and data science field.
Yadira Alvarez Angulo Time management could your best friend or the lack of it your worse enemy. Specially for someone who has to work. I only got Pros ti share, attending the course helped me to moved from manual to automation tester y is helping me to move to developing so first more confidence, the little push you need to make that transition you want then power or knowledge to support it and lastly the understanding that we do not have to know everything
Ahmed Bahgat Mohamed My experience with Udacity starts when I enrolled in Machine Learning Engineer nanodegree, and it was a great start for my career in the software field, after I finished it I managed to get my first position as a Machine learning Engineer in a startup called, In addition to this nanodegree, I also was one of those who were able to enroll in pytorch scholarship challenge provided by Facebook, so My review will be about my experience with those two program. Pros: * 1–1 coaching * Mentoring * A series of hands-on projects in every part of the course which includes both theoretical and hands on coding parts * Capstone project which gives you intuition about real life problems and how to deal with their different parts, starting from researching about it, defining the problem statement, and ending with proposing working solution for this problem. * Career guidance * updated contents * Professional Certificate * lifetime-access if you complete it in the timeline set by Udacity * Instructors not only comes from academic background but also have impressive technical professions which helps you to have closer look to the market and its demand Cons: * lack of important theoretical and mathematical parts and cares more about hands on experience. * relatively expensive
Kumar Makhija I am referring to the Machine Learning Nanodegree, as I have done this course. This nanodegree is worth in several ways: The nanodegree gives you a complete view of today’s MachineLearning and AI knowledge. The course starts with the basics of ML like Linear, Logistic etc models. And teaches everything in Python. And it moves to advanced ML -> Neural nets and Reinforcement Learning with hands-on work. And final is a complete Capstone projects that helps you create your own Problem statement, decide approach, decide methodology, accuracy matrix and finally the Model that you'll be using. The nanodegree provides many hands-on projects. When you are finished with the program, you have built a handful of projects: This gives you confidence that you can actually apply your newly acquired skills in a meaningful way, The projects are blueprints for your own projects later on (if you want to develop any models for a client, just take one of the projects from the nano-degree course and change it to according to your liking), These projects look neat in your cv. Keep in mind, even though a nanodegree is a solid foundation, it is up to you to make something out of it. There is far more to learn about Machine Learning and AI. After finishing the nano-degree, do project work. Start with small kaggle competitions, and scale up later. This is really helpful
Hemant Kumar Pros: 1. Not just theory like other courses. ML Concepts were delivered in a much easy to digest way, animated, interactive and with lab setup to apply it practically to highly impactful subjects. 2. Complex mathematical formulas are explained bit by bit. I am now able to play with existing complex mathematical formulas and make new ones. 3. Mentor support is awesome. You ask questions and they explain it very nicely with added supporting materials. 4. Assignment reviewers are fantastic. They check your assignment in a very detailed way much better than how a offline teacher checks your assignments. 5. Their courses are time bounded, so you always take it seriously to complete the course in time. 6. Materials are also available for download for offline viewing. 7. Mentor guides you on which courses you should select and in which sequence. This was really helpful for me as there many courses on Udacity and all are fantastic. 8. Comparing with other online courses, I see Udacity a clear winner in the way they deliver the materials. They also cover all the important concepts. 9. Their projects and assignments are very interesting and aligned to real life problems. 10. Udacity also provide job opportunities aligned to your nano degree courses you have opted for. Cons: 1. The courses are some what costly but you get more than what you pay for. 2. The best performer of capstone project in every nano degree courses should be awarded with scholarships to enroll for other nano degree Udacity courses.
Islam Omar It's has been a great deal for me to take this job as I started it while I was still a student and I needed to manage my time between studying for the college, studying for the students, and keep an eye on each student progress which is a lot of work to do but I was doing this with a lot of joy as I can see that I'm really doing something worse and make myself more valuable .
Tapish Rathore I have sampled courses from almost all major MOOC sites including Coursera, Udemy, edX, Khan Academy. Udacity stands out for me due to the reviews I got for the work that I submitted. The reviews included very important links that really helped me look at the concept from different angels and the reviewers were very helpful and communicative. I can honestly say that I learned more from them than I have learned from any MOOC video lecture
Anjali Choudhary I enrolled for the Udacity machine learning nanodegree course in 3rd year of my engineering. So, my career in Machine learning started from that time itself. The course included basic Python to Machine learning libraries like Bumpy, Pandas and a lot more hands-on projects. The best part which I liked in my Udacity course is the Mentors. They are really very helpful and brilliant. They were available all the time to solve my query. I used to ask questions right from basic and they used to explain all the questions by giving their best. So, the final capstone project was Boston Housing project which was a lot interesting and I used all the concepts which I learned from the course. And finally I had overall idea about Machine learning. Then in 3rd year, in my college we had to make a mini project. At that time I decided to make a book recommendation system using machine learning. By the completion of the project I got more confidence and eager to learn more about it. Later in final year of engineering I planned to make a smart eye for visually disabled people using Deep Learning and for this particular project I won Best Major project award from my department. And as everyone knows the importance of Udacity degree. I got a campus placement from my college. But I wanted a job in data science. And off campus I got a job in deep learning only. I would like to thanks Udacity for giving such good source to students and also encouraging them to study and get scholarship. Oh, I didn't mention about the scholarship which I got from Udacity after the completion of the course. This offer was only for college students. And I am one of those student who got student scholarship from Udacity. Thank you. Cheers!