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Anthony Abidakun The Pros are that you get to learn about the current technology and in the process sharpen your skills. And working on real life projects gives me the confidence to take up any new job in the field of study. The cons are that the level of one-on-one interaction with the instructors is somehow not very impressive.
Trevor Curtis Wolff Not bad. Had a lot of interesting concepts and ideas. It opened my mind to things I hadn't thought of before, and I believe I'm a better programmer for it. I appreciate everything that Udacity offers, but wish there was more job assistance after graduation.
Amrutha Pros: When I started to learn the android app, it was very difficult for me and now in this course they have not explained from starch, hence i'm feeling little bit easy by going through this tutorial compared to other tutorial. So I have learnt so many things this help me for building my career.
anas mohamed first of all I'm a proud of take android nanodegree from udacity it is very good curriculum it is up to date and meet the requirement of the marked overall the nanodegree it great program but I don't like Arabic translation CURRICULUM it doesn't make me understand so it is need more care
MAHMOUD MOHAMED AMEN Mahmoud Amin is Udacity certified Mobile Web Specialist. I'm Accountant fight to be Programmer . graduate from Egypt Bachelor of Commerce Sohag . I'm keep Learning to be better . I'm a strong supporter of Open Source culture. And now work as IT professional
Faith Salawe At first I was skeptical about the online program, but when I started studying following the curriculum it was as if I was in a physical classroom. Udacity created an opportunity for their learner's to interact with other learner's and mentors were also provided for us. I was a great experience whenever I get stocked or confused on any lesson I have the mentor to guide me through. The only thing I'll say was really an issue was the videos weren't long enough but even with the short videos the explanation was good
Mohamed Shawky Bayoumi Kotb My life has been changed because of The Journey of Udacity :) I have a bachelor in accounting but I'd love to study the programming but I couldn't because my degree in High school wasn't enough to join a college related with programming , so I found Udacity through a scholarship sponsors by Google and my dreams was started when I saw this scholarship and the classroom and found friends have the same passion with programming and Web Development , It was awesome experience and it was the beginning , and my life has changed because I worked as a Web Developer and I got 10 times my old salary when I was an accountant !! ^_^ so I got a lot of money and I get married ^_^ , it was difficult to marry when I got a weak salary and I gain the trust when I attend the interviews , and I gain more experience The pros were awesome , I didn't find a full course about Front End Web Development in the internet better than Udacity , because it was an arranged syllabus, there was a mentor-ship program which offers a mentor for us to help us, it was making a group to bring people together to help each other we gained from Udacity a lot of motivations when anyone feels he wouldn't continue , This wasn't the end , it was the beginning because it opens a new fields like AI, Machine Learning, Mobile Applications made by React Native ... etc and I started to learn course about computer science to see another Nanodegree on Udacity related with these topics I love Udacity and I have been telling my success story to everyone about Udacity and advice everyone to study with Udacity. Thank Udacity ^_^