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Ali Faleh Ali Fouly I started my trip with Udacity by chance actually as i was surfing the internet about how can i learn android development, i found Udacity and i was lucky enough to find out about there scholarships, i applied and i got accepted, starting from this point it was just amazing. I liked the Idea of having mentor to help you develop your skills and to follow up with you, the curriculum was good enough to teach me the basics and the projects that we had to do is actually directed to the most used techniques and it helped me a lot and i hope if they can just increase the number of the projects it would be amazing. and finally what i liked the most is after a while they show their concern about your development , they send to you an email asking you to be a mentor and this is what is meant to be a successful organization that is not only cares about the knowledge you got from them but also about your career development.