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Sahil Soni Udacity Nanodegree helped in learning core principles of machine learning (ML) like supervied and unsupervised algorithm . Which built a strong foundation for solving complex problems in technology industry. And also built confidence in me to crack interviews which helped me in getting desired roles.
Abhinn Verma I have three Nanodegrees from Udacity, namely Machine Learning, Android Developer and Self Driving Car Engineer and am also an Udacity Tech Scholarship recipient. Udacity is a good e-learning platform but it is quite expensive for the services and course content it provides. Out of the three I found the Android one to be the best designed. The Machine Learning nanodegree , when I finished it, left me feeling extremely dissatisfied. The mentors couldn't answer questions, the course itself was very haphazardly designed and contained a lot of dead links to forums and resources which were not available and not to mention course videos which had a glaring lack of continuity. Coming to the Self Driving Car Nanodegree which I felt was the most advanced and challenging online courses that I had ever done. It required you to do a lot of research on your own especially the last two projects but that is not to say that it wasn't a fun experience because it so was. In conclusion though, I would like to reinforce the point I made in the beginning which is that Udacity as a platform is very expensive for students and even for professionals because only extremely and I mean extremely few if any can make you Job ready regardless of what they proclaim and on top of that their prices have been skyrocketing. For ex - when I did the Machine Learning Nanodegree, it cost me $285(in India) for 3 months, that same course costs $285 per month now i.e. the price has tripled in less than a year with very little added value. Also, this apllies to all their courses. They do have the best support compared to Udmey, Coursera and edX but that still doesn't justify the exorbitant prices that they charge while reducing services that they used to provide. Therefore, I would say, do your research well before investing in any Nanodegree.