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Robert Hernandez You learn at your own pace and the course are very well thought out of. The hardest part is to stay motivated and stay consistent. The curriculum does have deadlines as well as work to be reviewed, but i wish there was way to check in with someone to see if u have questions in between.
Ramy Magdy Abdelmonem Pros: Simple curriculum. Professional instructors. 24/7 support for students through chat video meetings and Blog. Great and helpful training for every lesson. Cons: A little Expensive courses. Career recommendations not covering every country like Egypt.
Moaaz Elshazly as many students I had problems with online courses. I would start a course and never finish it. until I started my nanodegree , udacity felt different since day 1 and that is because it is industrial and not academic You know why you learn this and how to use it step by step in a project the project and tasks make the learning process different than other models of course the code review and having a mentor makes it so much better TL;DR : I would recommend udacity to any one who can't handle the academic approach by other platforms and find it boring