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Hariet Lewis Pros: * You are in a class full of intellectuals via pre-selection (coding interviews/assessments to get in). * An all women (and non-binary identifying) cohort means incredibly empathetic people as the people you pair-program with. Cons: * Instruction levels varies according to who teaches (we had an instructor who read off of slides-- not that great , and then one who was amazing). * Some of the labs/code within them are outdated. * Mismanagement of "replay" students. * Reliance of fellows (people who only graduated one cohort before you) can be very hit or miss when asking nuanced questions. * Often relying on your own network to get your first job. * You have to supplement your education with alternate sources throughout this program to make up for knowledge gaps, so is it really worth the price tag? * The class size is way too big so it's hard to get things clarified in fifteen minute intervals.