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Dheeraj Mitra I had enrolled for Data Scientist Nanodegree. The pros of Nanodegree that you get an experienced instructor. The tools are very helpful to complete the course and projects, you just need only a browser and rest Udacity take care of that. The career service also very good and the customer service also good. The cons of Nanodegree are that you can't get job It is very rare in case you get any opportunity. The cost of Nanodegree is also high If your family income is low. 
ELISON M L CORREA I am a full-stack developer with over 8 years experience. I have maintained, developed and launched multiple projects on different business. My current toolset includes Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, CSS, Docker, Vagrant, Power Center ETL, BI Applications, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Script and all the other various frameworks, libraries, and technologies related to them. Feel free to ask me any questions. I can help you in your project in all from the back-end and front-end web development to fixing the design and installing & configuration of the application on staging/production environments.