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Imtiaz Gafoor Pros: This program will immerse you into the programming worlds concepts. The teaching is diverse, creative, and relevant. Udacity programs will engage the user into the industry leading software and programming techniques. A learner can start at novice level and earn there way to a functional level. The slack community, chats, and numerous tools make it a fun environment to learn. The scholarships are a treasure that is instrumental in putting me stage-center to concepts that I would've only admire from afar. Cons: The concepts are very well taught, however the following lessons requires critical thinking that someone, with minimal programming background, won't easily grasp. It feels like there is code that follows the concepts and lines up perfectly at times, but then there is coding assignments that takes a huge leap forward that isn't attainable for weaker coders like myself. If a link could be provided to other lessons that explain specifically the coding needed to execute the process of the assignment, then, by comparing the other lessons would it be easier to see the pattern of how the code comes together.