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Isadora Elwyn When I came to WeCanCodeIT, I was at a crossroads in my life. I'd been working in a low-level tech job for a couple years, but knew I wanted to get into development at some point. I started looking around at local bootcamps and really connected with WCCI's mission to help diversify tech. I went to one of their information sessions and met some of their staff and was struck immediately by how much they cared for their students (both present, and past). I seriously can't say enough to fully encapsulate how incredible the staff of this bootcamp is. They are smart, empathetic and care deeply about their jobs and the success of their students. I enrolled in the hybrid-bootcamp course, so I could continue working full-time. The curriculum was excellent and engaging and I was always excited to get to work on the weekly projects and learn something new. The instructor encouraged us to be as creative as we wanted, which kept the work interesting and led to vastly different-looking results among classmates, which was so fun to see. In addition to the development piece of the curriculum, we had sessions with a success advisor. These sessions were incredibly helpful in crafting a good developer resume, preparing for technical interviews and generally growing confidence. It was clear from the beginning of these sessions that they wanted each of us to figure out what we wanted from a job and make sure we landed at a company where we'd be happy. It was refreshing to never be pushed to interview at an enterprise company just to get the job placement numbers. I started my first developer job roughly a month and a half after graduating from the bootcamp and have never been happier at work. I wouldn't have gotten to where I am without WCCI, and I would urge anyone looking to get into development to seek them out. My experience with them is by far the best educational experience I've ever had and I'll never stop being grateful for it.