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Jesse Rykerson Tortuga Coders definitely took my skills to the next level. When I started at Tortuga Coders, I had already been studying JavaScript on my own but I knew that there was a lot that I was still missing. The most important thing I learned while in the program is how to create an app from start to finish. This experience taught me a lot and brought everything together for me. Although I knew a lot before going through the Tortuga Coders program, I learned a lot more and came out with a full understanding of how to put all the pieces together to create a complete app. The curriculum was well planned to start from the basics and build towards more advanced topics. Each week built on the previous week which allowed for us to learn and continue practicing what we learned throughout the program. This was really helpful to not only be introduced to each concept, but also use those skills repeatedly so that we could remember it. By starting with a good foundation in the beginning and constantly building on it, each student reached the end of the program knowing how to build their own app from front to back. I was surprised by the quality and thoughtfulness of every app when we presented on the last day of class. Some of the students had almost no knowledge of coding when they started the program and in only 9 weeks were creating complete apps. Aside from the class itself, it was great to learn all of this while staying in an island paradise. After all the hard work in class, it was a huge plus to be able to take a relaxing swim at the beach during the lunch break or after class. The class involves a lot of learning and thinking, but there are plenty of options to relax once the work is done. This is a great aspect of the program because it is important to not get burnt out. Doing the classwork in a vacation atmosphere is a perfect balance to optimize your learning and get the most out of your time there. If you are considering studying with Tortuga Coders, I highly recommend it. You will get a great program for a great price. From the perspective of a return on investment, you won't find a better option.