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Huw Jones CURRICULUM / TUTORING I think NorthCoders provides an excellent environment for learning: The tutors are knowledgable, supportive and approachable, the course material is modern and the flexibility is there to ensure you aren't rushed through material with regular reviews and opportunities to "resit" modules that you perhaps need a little more time on to fully grasp. The only critique I can make is that whilst 1:1 time is available I think regular scheduled time might be a better approach. JOB SUPPORT For me personally the hiring process went very well; NorthCoders set me up with several interviews resulting in me accepting an offer of employment around a month after graduating. They also provide some assistance with CV writing / interview technique etc. In my opinion one part of the process that could be improved is communicating feedback from hiring partners. I do also know I have been fortunate throughout the hiring process in finding work relatively quickly; the number of jobs on the board would ideally be higher considering the amount of graduates. Overall I would wholeheartedly recommend NorthCoders to those looking to get into software development. It provided everything I had hoped for and I had an excellent time whilst studying there too!