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LEELA KRISHNA CHAITANYA KORAVI I heard about Udacity few years ago while I was in my undergraduation. As the course fee is very expensive, I had thoughts like 'Is it really worth?'. Days passed by and I always to till the payment section everytime and used to change my mind because I couldn't afford that price. Then in Dec 2017 I came across Google Udacity scholarship program which offers 'Android' course if we get selected. Was very excited and completed the trial part and got selected for full course scholarship. Then I came to know that this course structure is outstanding! The slack channels were very helpful. The mentors and student communities were so supportive! The eviews were accurate and encouraging! Now, I if I really want to learn something seriously for real, Udacity is the first thing that comes to mind and its really worth! Thanks Udacity for bringing professionally guided courses to us!