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Tatyanna C. Phenomenal staff. Phenomenal curriculum. Even today the job support continues to be a major help as I continue my path in tech. Thanks to SDG I have had two truly amazing opportunities to work for some amazing local companies. SDG also has a robust and caring community that helps support each cohurt during and after. I am at a lost for words at how much my path in life has been changed thanks to all of the people at SDG. Prior to SDG I had been working in a super high stress industry that did not have room for career advancement and most people burned out within two years. I knew I couldn't stay there and I knew for years that I wanted to go back to working in the tech field. SDG gave me such a robust education that it made it easier for me to officially switch careers. If you're thinking about going here or you're looking for a top-notch bootcamp, THIS IS THE ONE 💯 1,000% 💯.