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Connor Greenbaum

It was about this time last year when I first heard about the Burlington Code Academy (BCA). After making the decision to leave an industry and career that wasn’t for me, I signed up for the part time class that BCA offers. I then continued on to take the web dev bootcamp, that following summer. And to cut to the chase, I graduated from BCA’s program in late August 2019 and landed a full time salaried position at a local web development agency less than a month later. A job I wouldn’t have been qualified for, just 8 months prior. What Burlington Code Academy Does Well: - Exceptional Instructors and TA’s who are willing to go the extra mile. - The founders of the school are both highly motivated to see you succeed and will also go the extra mile to see that happen. - Giving students a strong foundational understanding of coding. - Classes are well structured with Lectures, Labs, and Projects. - Listening and responding to student input. - The courses teach relevant technologies that are being used by today’s tech companies. - Connecting you with local employers and tech leaders. - The Capstone Project and final presentation were great real-world experiences. What Burlington Code Academy Could Improve Upon: - Prior to class beginning, communicating the commitment that is necessary to succeed. - As a class going over higher-level solutions to projects and labs. Exposure to advanced solutions helped me improve my problem solving skills. - At the end of the bootcamp more time should be spent on coding and less on the tangential material that is meant to broaden our horizons. I enjoyed it, but with the condensed schedule it ate into too much capstone project time. - More movie nights ;) All in all, Burlington Code Academy delivered on their promise to teach me how to code, and enable me to change career paths, in a very short time. It was quite the undertaking and requires a full commitment from you as the student. However, if you put your head down and focus, BCA will lead you to success. I owe them a big thank you wouldn’t be where I am without them.