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Anonymous Unrelated engineering background -> Unrelated job -> 3 month boot camp -> Job right after graduation. The community is what makes this bootcamp worth it 100%. Being around 20 other people in the same situation with the drive and motivation to succeed 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week, really ramps up your learning and motivation. I wouldn't have been able to have learned so much in so little time if it weren't for my peers. The staff are all absolutely fantastic and wonderful people! The instructors and mentors (as of mid late 2019) are all exceptionally talented individuals who are passionate about teaching and helping new devs! (Shout out to Vasily, Mikias, Zola and Will for being the best mentors!) The react part of curriculum is okay but could use a little love. Would recommend students to take a cheap udemy course on react or something similar to supplement their learning. All in all a crazy, hectic and amazing 3 months that I would recommend to anyone seriously considering a career switch. Best, Really happy and satisfied Lighthouse Alumni