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William Warren

My three months at Suncoast Developers Guild changed my life. Not only did it teach me the skills i needed to take the first step into a career in web development, but also taught me to enjoy self-discipline. I struggled to finish projects, and i had a huge procrastination habit. Suncoast fed me a constant barrage of projects and taught me to never let perfect be the enemy of done. Rest assured the content of this curriculum is modern, and even cuttinng-edge, but what really matters is the way the staff fosters personal growth. The course may be difficult but if you learn to love the challenge then they will take you exactly where you need to go.

Anonymous I heard about Suncoast Developers Guild from a friend of mine who has been a developer in the area for years. I was working a robot-zombie job and I desperately wanted out of it. I started looking into their program, and their job placement percentage, and what I would need to do to be good as a developer. I had taken one summer course in C++ when I was a teenager, and nothing since. Once I was accepted, I threw myself into the pre-work, because I wanted to be very good at this and I felt like I was starting out behind. I can't express how much fun I had in this program. I went from not being quite sure what html tags were to, 12 weeks later, demonstrating a full-stack app I made exactly to my specifications to local developers. I learned HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, .Net, C#, SQL as well as how to work with Powershell and Github. The head instructor, Mark, jokes that this program is "drinking from a fire hose" and he's not wrong. It's a lot. I had a great time working through this curriculum but what I loved was the people I got to work with. My cohort was 11 people, which is about the average size. I think we did a very good job of keeping each other on track, working together, and working through the curriculum together. The staff is, simply put, amazing. The instructors are focused and brilliant, and ready to help even if your problem isn't in their wheelhouse. Katherine is the Campus Director, and she is a unicorn. She was a great resource, in addition to Katherine just being fantastic to talk with. I have happily recommended this program to everyone who has asked me about it since I started and I plan to keep recommending it.