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Anonymous Pros - Amazing career services. They truly want you to succeed and do everything in their power to bridge the gap between you and companies. Louisa and Lulwa are some of the most hard-working people I have ever encountered and I honestly would not have been hired if it were not for their support. - The mentors here are mostly superb. I want to give a special shout-out to Karl who isn't even a mentor but was very supportive and engaging throughout the bootcamp. Tim, Mikias, Vasily, Rafal, James, Justin, Michael, Will, and Zola - thank you all so much for being understanding when I came to you with god-awful questions and for teaching me the intricacies of web development that went beyond the coursework. - Course material is on average superb, covers the basics and more advanced topics pretty thoroughly. The tech interviews we had were very helpful for actual interviews as well. I really like that they focus more on 'teaching by doing' rather than having you read endless pages of docs / readings. - The space is accessible by students 24/7 so we could stay as late as we wanted. Cons - The React weeks were not good. It needs an overhaul and I honestly learned more from Udemy courses than those two weeks. I love React and it was painful to see how mismanaged that section was. I believe they are looking to do a revamping of the course though in the near future. Overall, I would unreservedly recommend this bootcamp to anyone who is seriously committed to a career switch. Don't look at the 93% hiring rate and be enticed though; attending this bootcamp is not like flipping a coin and getting hired 93% of the time. This bootcamp gives you some serious resources to succeed, but ultimately it is up to the individual to forge their own path. I suggest that potential applicants try out a course on Udemy to see if they can handle the work before applying.