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Anonymous The overall experience of the bootcamp was amazing, the atmosphere here really motivates you to push your limits and do more, here you are taught to enhance your skill as a problem solver, you learn all the latest technologies and upcoming trends in the software industry.
Rizwan Aman Hello everyone, I am Rizwan. I graduated from the Web Development course in The Hacking School on October of 2019. I had taken both Full Stack Web and Mobile Development courses, and this my review of the five or so months that i spent here learning programming. To begin with, let me give you some context. I am a 17 year old and I just finished my 12th standard examinations in June of this year. I come from an absolutely great school in West Bengal named The Levelfield School. We leverage a lot of technology in the teaching process to help students learn. We have two web applications and about 12 Android and iOS apps. However, even though they were conceptualized in the school, the actual coding was done elsewhere. So, to rectify this, we came to learn web development ourselves, so that from conception to product, the entire building process was done in-house. We spent 3 months learning Web Development, specialising on the MERN stack ( MongoDB for database, Express framework for server, React for front-end, NodeJS for backend ). I was fortunate to be part of a great cohort, full of very diverse people and all hungry to learn programming. Right from the beginning, our days were intense and packed with a lot of learning and activity. With the exception of a couple of people, no one else in the cohort had any background in programming and by no background, I really mean none. We had no idea of the technologies or the tools that we would be using, no idea about the languages that we were going to learn, it really was point zero. So we all started from scratch, right from the very basics of HTML and CSS, even the very basics of computing and the internet itself, non-decimal number systems, IP addresses, MVC architecture etc. Slowly but surely, we moved up and learnt amazing new concepts everyday and as we were learning we became more confident in ourselves. From plain HTML and templating engines, we moved on to ReactJS for making our Front-end UI. We are truly amazed at the awesome power of React, building super-fast applications that existed only on one page, so didn't need to reload. Then we were introduced to Redux, and how to avoid messy state management and complicated ways of passing information through Render Props. By the end of it, we had actually wrapped up our sessions about three weeks in advance and we were free to build our own projects. We re-build our school's website on React, (earlier it was in plain HTML). After that, we build another application which was a Polling app for the school. In the process we learnt about and how WebSockets work. How we can display changing data in Real-time. We had a lengthy class on Cloud deployment, where were learnt everything from the best ways to build your app and deploy it in cloud, to learning advanced concepts like Docker and CI/CD with GitHub webhooks. Overall we had an amazing experience learning Web Development in The Hacking School, we had truly moved from zero to being a full stack developer in a short span of just three months. We even participated in a few Hackathons that were organized in Hyderabad, and we gave a great display of an idea for a VR app that we had for the market of Real Estate and office spaces. However, there were a few hiccups for our Mobile Development Class and we weren't able to go through it with the same fervour we had done so with the web development. Other than this, there are a few other places that I think The Hacking school can improve upon. One big factor was infrastructure. For most of the duration we were here, the lift on the building wasn't working. It quickly stopped even after it was fixed more than once. Secondly, there were occasional problems with the internet connection ( not really a problem with the The Hacking School, but more with the service provider, but still it proved to be a nuisance a couple of times ). I thought there should have been much more time management and a little better review and weekly planning with instructors. At the end of every week, there should be a short and compulsory one-on-one session with the program director, to track progress and make sure that every one was on the same page about what is happening in the cohort. In addition, building small and weekly projects ( probably beginning from the third week or so ) should be a compulsory part of the curriculum.
Khalil Ali This bootcamp literally focuses on building and strengthening your core concepts in programming fundamentals especially with data structures & algorithms. I can say its reliable and I definitely saw an improvement in the way I read code and understand the documentation. Would really recommend to anyone who wants to pump up their knowledge and become confident in building applications. Instructors have an amazing teaching style. Staff has a great vibe too.