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Tedros Tsegaye Great introduction to the agile principles. Larry show a great mastery and enthusiasm for teaching this topic. Overall, I felt engaged with the content, instructor, and other students in this course. The instructional methods used in this course facilitated my learning.
Sue Bose

Larry Apke provides a comprehensive introduction to Agile - the principles that drive its rituals and key ceremonies for continuous feedback, communication and improvement in the complex knowledge work of software development. I came in with basic familiarity of Agile Scrum from a prior product manager /product owner role. What has been transformational for me has been his careful selection of topics 1) demonstrating the critical role of Agile feedback and continuous improvement in design, process simplification and knowledge work and 2) driving home the importance of systems thinking and mental models of cognition and perception for successful Agile implementations in complex behavior-driven software development. Thanks to Larry's course I now truly 'get' the Agile 'way of life'. After this class I have started applying Agile rituals to achieve some of my personal goals. Fantastic learning experience.

Moaath Sebiaa The Job Hackers Agile MBA 6-week course provided me with a comprehensive understanding of how to successfully execute a product/project/assignment in a way that's beneficial to all team members. As a newbie Product and Project Manager, TJH training boosted my confidence and also provided me with a network I can turn to for advice or resources for expanding my knowledge. Even if you're just curious about the framework, some of the ideologies/methodologies can also offer some solutions to the psychological or social challenges you face in the workplace.