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Lilly Bueche Great opportunity for anyone re-entering the workforce or looking for a job change into tech. I've been out of the software development industry for a bit while I raised my babies. As I was preparing to return to the workforce and was talking to former co-workers there seemed to be a lot I had missed, no surprise with how quickly technology changes. This course was PERFECT as it has gotten me started on my path to finding my place in the workforce. It's not just for software development but can be applied to so many other things - the team, Larry and Edward are amazing and supportive and attentive. I've learned so much and look forwarded to continuing the learning path to increase my chances of finding my place in the workforce. THANK YOU!!!!!
Sol I have been working with Scrum since 2014, on and off depending on the role, and have a CSM certification since then. I took Larry's Agile MBA course as a refresher and to see what is new in the field as I am going through a job transition. I am glad I took this course at it gave valuable insights to the philosophy behind the methodologies that you rarely get elsewhere, and it provided a forum to discuss and learn new approaches to real life challenges we experience implementing Agile in today's organizations. Again, something you rarely get to discuss in the open elsewhere. I also think the recommended reading list of books and articles is stellar. This course is very valuable whether you are new to Agile or whether you want to keep learning and sharpening the saw, so to speak.