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Angelo kelvakis I took this course to increase my coding portfolio. I have a background in R but was finding it hard to apply outside the world of ecology and strictly scientific studies. At my current job I am designing an app that uses python for its main algorithms on the backend and I needed to gain better coding skills to help communicate to our developers what we needed. This course had a very good introduction to python and got me up to speed on the basic functionality of the language. The modules were all based around gathering and interpreting data, so it did exactly what you expected from a data science course. Philip the instructor was very flexible with the speed of the class and was able to explain concepts well while providing supplementary material to support our learning outside of class. I still refer to the python notebooks that we put together in class. Philip also did a good job of underlining the importance of using coding blogs like stack overflow to problem solve, a great skill to have as a programmer. Overall the course gave me the skills to read python code and conduct basic data analysis.