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Liam Murrey I got a new job not so long ago, but they never mentioned how big of a part data analysis would play in my day to day routine. I had to either find a quick fix or find a new job, so It was a no brainer to give it a go once I saw the courses by Yandex. And I can’t lie, it‘s a fantastic resource. Over a very short period of time, I managed to go over all the basics and fundamentals, and if it was something outside the provided materials, I would reach out to my mentors who were enthusiastic about explaining something more complex and helping me keep my job :) There’s enough homework and tests to help you stay the course, and not too much for you to feel overloaded and lose motivation. Everything is super user-friendly, and the course allows you to catch up on something or revise anytime you need to. I’m a much more qualified employee now, and I feel like owe it to Practicum.