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Kathy R. Kelly Excellent, very engaging mentors. The quality of teaching kept me coming back, and information was conveyed in a clear and smart way. The third module was a little difficult, but overall the course was very good. I really appreciated the fact that the peer-to-peer interaction wasn't solely regarding feedback on the assignments. All the learners were encouraged to use Slack for chatting and supporting each other, and everyone was super friendly. Practicum says it's a 10-hours per week training. I was dedicating a little more time than that (around 14h on average), but that's because I aimed to build my portfolio based off the course projects and needed them to be better than a mere “homework” assignment. I've already added them to my LinkedIn profile and CV, so kudos to the entire Practicum by Yandex and the course mentors for developing and delivering such marketable content.