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Abbey Northcutt I came into this program for the second time in 2018 (I had unfortunately not been able to keep up with the CSX50 program a couple years earlier). The pros and cons are as follows: Pros: The schedule (once a week for two hours with optional study groups on Saturdays sometimes) was exceptionally forgiving and flexible given that I was also working full-time. I was able to work from home on several occasions without feeling left behind. My mentors in both sections of the class (learning and project) were very supportive, and the second half of the program improved dramatically as there were fewer students to divide their attention. They were easy to get in touch with and were constantly encouraging (sometimes in a tough love way). I liked my classmates and there was a definitely culture of helping one another out. I ended up with a speedy and satisfying apprenticeship process: I was offered a placement at the first place I interviewed and had constant support from my coordinator, and I was converted to full time at the end of the apprenticeship. I'm certainly enjoying my work and salary a lot more than being at my previous low-paying, abusive job. All of this was in a little under a year of work (I was placed before I even graduated), so I can certainly say I was well-served by the program! Cons: Codergirl is still in its growing phase, and the curriculum for my course was highly disorganized and seemed to be constructed week by week sometimes. A lot of it was a video portion that I was required to pay a small sum for, despite the fact that the class is supposed to be entirely free. Halfway through the project track, we switched to another paid video course. The learning track class was massive at around fifty people, and eventually separated into three separate groups based on where the students were in the curriculum (we ignored the stated "deadline" that the rest of the tracks mandated). I was one of the slower workers, and did not even finish the curriculum before going into the project track. That was a double-edge sword. I was grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to stay in the class despite being behind, but felt woefully underprepared for the second half of the course. I was also extremely disappointed to find out that my mentors were being underpaid for all of the work they put in. Finally, I can't stand the name "Codergirl." It sounds like a single-word manifestation of how women are singled out and infantilized in a lot of workplaces. All in all, I was successful and happy in the LaunchCode program despite some difficulty keeping up with the work and the lack of organization. I would recommend this for anyone who can handle a ton of challenging work and won't be bothered by a frequently hectic and rather messy experience.