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Marco L Before Tortuga Coders, I did an MBA and ended up working in a sales role that was not fulfilling. I also realized that I was lacking a lot of technical skills which would help when explaining the technical product we were selling to our corporate customers. I tried to learn programming on and off on my own for the past year with no success. At Tortuga Coders I was learning more in a day than on my own in a whole month. My most favorite part was the projects, where we got to work in a team just like in a real work environment, which is the best way to learn. The teacher, all the staff and other students were great, there’s no wasting time with unnecessary fluff, we were coding and building real projects every day, supporting one another. I am now working in a technical management role, bridging the gap between developers and non-technical teams. I am extremely happy in my role and I could not have made a better decision. Highly recommended.