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Katie Yawney I really appreciated the positive atmosphere at Burlington Code Academy. We were encouraged to have fun, support one other, take breaks, and experiment and grow in our own way. The instructors we had were top notch and came with lots of real-world experience as coders and coding teachers. And with the small class size, they were very accessible, so I was able to ask questions whenever I felt confused or just wanted to learn more. The projects they designed for us were fun and challenging. Getting to work with other students through pair programming, peer code reviews, and the longer-term capstone project taught me so much because my eyes were constantly being opened to new ways of approaching a problem. It was also helpful in the job search to already have working full-stack applications in my portfolio. I like the course’s emphasis on Agile development principles because so many companies use Agile. It made my transition to a new job in software easier because the Agile process felt familiar from my time at Burlington Code Academy. The skills I gained at Burlington Code Academy allowed me to break into the field of web development and work every day at a job that I enjoy.