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Anonymous Subpar curriculum. CEO has very little experience as an industry Software Developer and should not be in charge of the bootcamp. The program is poorly run. The CEO kicks students out of the program for made-up reasons like cheating and not progressing fast enough even though the CEO has no quantifiable way to measure progress and the students have no onsite instructor (how are they supposed to learn and improve?). There is a severe lack of transparency from the top down. The bootcamp has no onsite instructor and the open source curriculum is lacking and subpar when compared to FreeCodeCamp, App Academy and HackReactor's curriculum. The students attend a 6-month bootcamp where they follow free online tutorials and whatever they can find online to teach themselves software development. Advice to companies: Hire women/non-cisgender graduates from coding bootcamps with a higher barrier of entry like App Academy or HackReactor. What your company can do: Sponsor scholarships for low-income women and non-cisgender people to attend better bootcamps and give them paid internships. Advice to students: Don't go to this bootcamp. You will become very frustrated with the CEO and you'll be very unhappy.