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Xavier Ritsch I have attend the Sept-Dec 2019 session of Vivadata bootcamp. Vivadata bootcamp is a 10 week program covering python programming, data collection, data analysis, machine learning (supervized and unsupervized), NLP, data engineering and deep learning. I have found the content of the classes to be of high quality: written courses, video courses, exercises and corrections are accessible on their platform and remain accessible after the bootcamp. The courses are dense, oriented towards practice (lots of exercises and projects) and the pace was strong from the beginning to the end (be motivated!). The teachers and teachers assistants are knowledgeable and very available to support students whenever questions are coming up. I enjoyed the teaching style, the playful content and engaging projects that contributes to make the challenging experience fun as well. The cohort is kept to a maximum of 15 fellows (not always the case in other bootcamps). I appreciated that Vivadata accepted fellows from diverse backgrounds and levels of education (I’ve seen other bootcamp only accessible to fellow holding a master or PhD which is in my opinion meant to inflate their employment rate after the bootcamp) as long they show they are serious and motivated by completing the preparatory work. While all the resources are available for free online, I am glad that I joined a bootcamp because I don’t think I would have been able to learn so much by myself in such a short amount of time. Having the support of classmates and teachers to solve issues allowed me to avoid great frustrations met when you start coding and being part of a cohort was very motivating. I am extremely satisfied with the Vivadata’s bootcamp and I would recommend this bootcamp to someone motivated (because it requires a strong commitment) who wants to learn a lot about python and data science in a short amount of time and has for short term plan to add data skills to his/her current job/domain or long term plan (because it will require more practice and studying) to become a data scientist.