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Laz Bohale Propulsion Academy allowed me to re-orientate my career away from mainframe technology, or at the least, augment that skill-set with web technology. The preparation work was intensive and pretty much gave me a sneak-peak into what was to come. Even though I was an experienced software engineer, I was pleasantly yet extremely challenged by the workload.The course was well structured yet allowed for some flexibility where needed. The exercises were very engaging and allowed me to apply my learning and build a portfolio of software products I could show to prospective employers. To cap off the course, I had to present my capstone project at a "Meetup" type of setting, which turned out to be a life changing experience.
Michèle Vollenweider I decided to do a Data Science course at Propulsion Academy because I wanted to broaden my knowledge in this area. One of my big objectives was to get an overview on what is out there and to learn Python better. I definitely achieved these goals with Propulsion Academy and at the same time I really enjoyed taking classes there. The Data Science course is well built and structured and the teachers can and do help a lot when trying to figure things out. I have to admit that it was quite tough at times but it defnitely paid off. What is also great that during and in the end of the course Propulsion Academy helps you to find a job. They go through your CV with you very meticulously and take their time for everyone individually. From my batch almost everyone got a job after a month or two. I can definitely recommend Propulsion Academy for anyone who wants to take a career change or just broaden the knowledge in Data Science.
Daniele Roncaglioni The Propulsion team was super nice and always available. I had tons of fun and learned so much in what probably have been some of the most memorable 12 weeks of my live. I really loved their no-nonsense goal oriented approach. The one goal of the founder is to help you get a job, and all the instructors goal is to get you ready for that. In 12 weeks you learn more than what you believe is possible and once you have risen to the challenge, you just realize how well-chosen the curriculum is. It fits the industries needs and gets you as close as possible to being a well-rounded developer in that time frame. 10/10 would recommend.
Barry Completing the Data Science Bootcamp at Propulsion was both challenging and incredibly rewarding. The entire management and teaching staff work hard to create a positive and encouraging environment which allows them to push people far beyond what they thought was achievable in just 3 months. The afternoons of hands-on exercises and challenges which are self-directed and open-ended, allow you to extract as much experience as you possibly can from your time on the course. An aspect that I particularly liked was the number of different instructors who had years of industry experience. Having their input made you feel sure that you are on the right track and having a variety of teaching styles throughout the course keeps it interesting too. The learning pace on this course is fast and the workload takes commitment, but by the end you'll have gained a huge number of essential Data Science skills and have the confidence to discuss, present and work on almost any topic in the field. I'm very happy that I completed it and felt well prepared for the job market afterwards.
ollol88 project-based, immersive bootcamp in data science. Really satisfied of the quality of the course. Curriculum very well designed. Competent instructors. Great alumni network. Interesting talks from external speakers. Loved the deep learning module. Higly reccomended.
Laurent Hoxhaj Before joining the Full-Stack program, I had done lots of research about how a bootcamp experience should be: engaging, intensive, challenging, and rewarding. My time at Propulsion was exactly what I had signed up for! Of course, everything around the course was great, but what I particularly enjoyed was how accessible the staff was. Their door was always open to me and the environment they created in and around the bootcamp made me feel that I was part of a family, something that will last a lifetime!
Anonymous The Data Science Bootcamp at Propulsion academy was the fast solution that I needed to catch up with the new technologies in the Data Science community, especially in machine learning and deep learning. It is also quite useful to get a certificate, which is quite required in Switzerland.
Linda Maria De Cave The Data Science program has been a great way to deepen my skills in this field and, thanks also to the final project, to practice what I learned on real messy data. The instructors had amazing backgrounds in academia and/or in big and famous companies such as Google and LinkedIn.They were always able to stimulate my interest and to answer my questions. I also really appreciated the Propulsion staff: available, friendly, and great mentors! In conclusion, my experience with this bootcamp has been truly formative and enjoyable: I would definitely recommend this course to motivated and interested students.
Mirko Reichlin With a background in finance and some experience with code, I applied for this bootcamp last year (2019). From the first email to the last handshake, I was overall very happy with Propulision Academy. Learning React, Django, Git and Docker from various instructors prepared me well for my current internship at a larger software development agency in Zurich. TypeScript should be added in the future. We had different instructors for different topics, and therefore the quality of the instructors varied on a high level. Propulsion does help with the job search, but if there is room for improvement, here there could be a more streamlined process. The team at Propulsion Academy is truly awesome and I would never have imagined such a fun time at a school in Zurich. Thanks again.