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Michal Burgunder After graduating from university, I found myself in a role that was not technical enough to stimulate my intellectual curiosity nor could ensure a long-term future. Software development was definitely the way to go, but how would I get there? Except for the many resources online that taught you the specifics of virtually any tool, but no all-encompassing overview of the whole field of software engineering, I was on my own. The Full-Stack program not only taught you to think like a software engineer, but also gave you career-related resources beyond the education: professional connections, mentoring, CV editing, and ample opportunities to prove yourself to the public. Propulsion Academy's no-nonsense approach to teaching modern technologies was a perfect and it was not long before I found a job as a Software Engineer!
Fabio Lutz Intensive, but worth every minute! After 12 weeks of intensive work, a student leaves with experience in all fields of data science (web-scraping, machine learning, NLP or deep learning). This is ideal for starting a career in data science or related fields. For me, these 12 months were among the most interessting and informative weeks in my life!
Sophia Littlejohn After attending Propulsion I was hired immediately as a Frontend Web Developer at the coolest web agency in Zurich. Propulsion offered great support throughout the program and still has its doors open! I learned to become familiar with the technologies used in the current job market and how to navigate web projects. They also host events for the students and have industry experts come in for talks. All in all, it's a great environment to learn in during bootcamp and a great place to come back to to see friends and meet new people after graduation. Highly recommended!
Marita Salz The Propulsion Academy was a real experience. The time was intense, merciless and oh so rewarding! The curriculum is tight and focused. The extensive teaching content and the excellent teachers prepare you perfectly for your job search. An exceptional time in every respect, in which besides hard work, fun was not missing and the intercultural understanding of students from all over the world was promoted. A first-class introduction to the world of full-stack development for job seekers of all nationalities.
Ekaterina Butyugina I was looking for a job in Z├╝rich for some time after career break, trying to find something close to Science since I finished Ph.D. in tech field and after thorough consideration of different ways to join Swiss job market I chose Propulsion Academy Bootcamp (Data Science Program) to achieve my goal as fast as possible and this was the right decision. There was a lot of work, the pace is quite intense: in one day we learned one important topic for the field. Starting from basics (programming languages, tools, data preparation) to really advanced (neural networks, deep learning, TensorFlow, NLP). After finishing the course we learned a lot of tools, algorithms, buzzwords and knew where to look for the solution if we have a problem. The curriculum is very well structured, you use the knowledge you got in previous days, teachers are helpful as well as TAs, so it is doable. You learn a lot, but what is also important - opportunity to meet people from the field and potential employers, talk to them. The final projects are also provided mostly by companies and are real-life issues so you can work on something valuable. Overall, the school has an atmosphere of support and inspiration, which really helps to perform better and to gain your goals. I met a lot of great people, totally changed my lifestyle and mindset, got a job, and I continue developing myself - that is exactly what I wanted from this Bootcamp.