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Adrian Noetzli The Data Science Intensive program at Propulsion Academy was on point. Every day was an opportunity to learn new skills and get our hands dirty with coding. The lecturers were extremely knowledgable and came from a variety of backgrounds from biostatisticians to applied mathematicians. In terms of content, there was so much coverage that it felt overwhelming and really pushed me to my limits. I was so glad to push through it, and I was rewarded with a new career for a start-up which I absolutely love. There was nothing like this available in Australia - short and to the point - and it was worth it to travel all the way to Switzerland to do this course. Doing an 18 month Masters course was out of the question due to the cost and amount of time I'd be out of the work force, whilst trying to support a family. I'm so thankful that I got accepted into the course. It really changed my life for the better.
Anonymous The data science program was a great way to understand and acquire the latest in-demand skills. I was looking to transition from academia to industry, and thanks to the program, I did just that. The format of the course makes you get your hands dirty which is essential to learning the key concepts. The fellow participants, with their varied backgrounds, also add to the richness of the program. For the final presentations, we learned not only how to develop the product, but also to pitch it. Perhaps the most rewarding of all was being able to work on real data from a company in the Propulsion network and seeing the results implemented. Many thanks to the Propulsion Team!!
Koffi Fiadjigbe Integrating great schools or courses are not that easy worldwide. Getting the rare ones that makes you feel as part of "something" indescribable is more hard. I was looking for a course to add to all i did already when i got to Switzerland until i got to know Propulsion. The Team as i started with them made me feel confident. i was just not taking a great "full stack developer" course which help me got a job now but as the course was ongoing Propulsion and its team made me feel part of a family and help made Friends that i still have in a country where i knew very few people. This was and still an experience i would love anyone to have.
Tatiana Panferova The motto of Propulsion Academy is "Everybody can learn to code". And that's definitely true! I had NO prior coding experience before I enrolled in full-stack development programme. Moreover - I came with absolutely non-technical background (I have MA in linguistics and literature). But after 3 months of intensive studies and hundreds hours of hard work I was able to create my first working web-applications. And today I am a software development intern at a very cool company. The programme of bootcamp is very well-structured and is very practical-oriented: every day after half-a-day lectures you code for minimum 4-5 hours. Sometimes the amount of new information is overwhelming, but teachers and teaching assistants are great - very friendly, helpful and competent. One of the most valuable things - the programme covers many hot technologies (e.g. Docker or React). I also liked the international atmosphere of the bootcamp and I found there a lot of like-minded people. The Propulsion Team takes care about every student and helps a lot in application process (networking, CV review, mock interviews , etc.) I am very happy that I graduated from this bootcamp - this changed my career as well as my life ;)