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Jae I moved to Bristol to attend this course. I did a lot of research before I decided to do as moving is not an easy choice and now I think it was the best choice I've ever made.
 One of the great things about DevelopMe is that each different language/topic is taught by the best-specialised tutors. - this was one of the reasons I chose DevelopMe. All teachers and Teaching Assistants are not only good teachers but great mentors. When I struggled with some concept they were happy to went through it again with me and give extra support. 
 I learned a lot and built a good foundation for my career. The course focused on very practical skills. And the course exercises are specifically designed to train you on how developers think and approach the problems which is very important value. When I had interviews, the employers were quite impressed by the way I've trained on the course.  More importantly, I felt that they really care about their student not only academic wise but emotion wise as well. We had one-to-one every week to check out how we got on and get advice and feedback and get whatever support we needed.