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Yusef Habib I was working as a Frontend Engineer when I decided to join the Full Stack Program. For me it was about boosting my backend skills, and when I read the content of the program I immediately knew that it was what I wanted. I didn’t only learn a lot about Java and Spring framework, but also some FrontEnd concepts that made me evolve to a senior mind state. Some grasped concepts became mastered in my head, and some theoretical design patters were applied into real projects. Instructors are top, very studied in their fields and no question was left without an answer. They were also very reachable trough online channels, no matter day or time, an important point during a bootcamp in my opinion. One of the best things of this company is the guys behind it. Even though sometimes I had the feeling of being a beta batch, they fulfilled our suggestions from day one, and they were always there in order to improve our experience. The level of the students in my batch was very different, having some without any knowledge, for me, already a front end developer did not add lots of value, but for them it was helpful when I contributed and helped them on various questions. If I was being asked again three months ago knowing all of this, I wouldn’t doubt of doing it again.