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Bozena If you are a complete beginner I recommend considering the in-person bootcamp, if you are determined to do the Online version then I recommend you prepare really, really well, doing even more than the school recommends because it is not an easy walk in the park ;-). I was almost a complete beginner, knowing just bits of HTML and CSS beforehand and very little about JavaScript so everything was new to me, and it took me a long time to grasp all the new terminology, try to think like a coder and understand what was happening in the code and why. Sometimes I didn't even know what questions to ask, and I didn't ask enough but when I did the BCS team was always there with the answers that help you a lot. So remember to ask, ask, ask. The curriculum is amazing, very up to date and they constantly update it following the new trends. You have access to written materials and video lectures that you can watch over and over again if you need. The amount of exercises is enormous, they are well organized and thorough and extremely helpful. The Online Bootcamp is very flexible and adaptable (you have various part-time options) so that is a great plus if you need to do things at your own pace, which allows you to get the best from the Bootcamp. The only thing I wish they had would be going over the code of example projects explaining what was done and why, and how to connect it all, because for a beginner in coding it was hard to figure out how to implement all that you had learned into a fully functional project. However, this is in general something that is missing in the Bootcamp world so maybe BCS could consider offering it for future courses as this would really help those who are new in coding to have a better understanding of it all.