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Kristin Eriksen I would absolutely recommend DevelopMe to anyone looking to become a developer and work in the tech sector. Not only will you learn the most relevant technologies and frameworks, but the support is amazing, and the teachers are experts with years of experience in the industry and can give insight and advice beyond just the course material. It is also an amazing opportunity to meet industry professionals who already work in the tech sector, network and build lasting relationships, find meetups and volunteering options that will boost your new career, all the while with the safety and guidance of the DevelopMe team and teachers. The support continues when you graduate, and the DevelopMe team will continue to help you and help find work opportunities, which really is one of the most valuable aspects of their courses - it makes the whole process a lot less daunting and significantly increases the chances of landing your first job straight out of the course. Overall, studying at DevelopMe was absolutely worth it, and I can't recommend them enough!