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Charlotte Drew I wholeheartedly recommend the DevelopMe coding bootcamp. I did quite a bit of research on various coding bootcamps before committing to DevelopMe and am so glad that I made the right choice. I went into the bootcamp with minimal knowledge of coding - changing my career in my 30s after many years in academia (arts). Whilst the work could be intensive at times (there is a lot to learn!), the tutors and support staff are exceptional and the learning environment is relaxed and welcoming. You are encouraged to ask questions throughout the course and, in a weekly progress review, to discuss how you are feeling about the course, your general wellbeing and what could be improved. The mentoring programme is a fantastic idea, pairing you with an industry expert with whom you can chat informally about what it is like to work in web development. And DevelopMe continues to support its alumni after graduation - actively helping students through the interview process and updating the resources from the course at regular interviews. I am now in my first development job and loving every minute! :)