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Albert Strange I moved to the St. Pete/Tampa area from Cleveland, Ohio with intentions to go to some sort of bootcamp and I am glad I decided on SDG. I came here knowing no one and no real career path, connections, or deep knowledge in web development. From the very first time meeting the staff here to any time after post graduation SDG staff is there to help, make you laugh, and continue to teach. This place truly creates a family like bond in 12 weeks. The training i received completely changed my life. Ive met life long friends, entered the career field where i feel like no day is spent just working. Mark (Core Instructor )and Jason(CEO / senior developer) are remarkable people who are insanely knowledgable developers. These two can tech you things you never thought possible while explaining them in ways to help you understand being new to the industry. Katherine the campus director is the sweetest person who will talk to you about anything while also being a strong developer. She is your go to person with any issue or concerns. Her caring personality shines when you finish the program you start your job search and Katherine is working just as hard as you to land you that first job. I cant recommend this school enough if you live near the area. It's truly life changing if you put in the time and effort.