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Simon New I was on the first Coding Fellowship (May 2016) and have been working as a developer ever since. I enjoyed every week of the course but for me the final week where we learned Laravel was the defining moment. While my first role was working for a larger company using Drupal ( which also featured on the course), I soon moved on to work as the sole developer in a startup. As preparation for the interview I proposed the tech stack I wished to build their systems in and chose to go with Laravel for the backend and Vue for the front. Vue was the first framework I tackled which wasn't part of the Coding Fellowship but due to the skills I'd learned I had no doubts I'd pick it up. From that point on I haven't looked back. Each year I feel more and more confident in my skills and remain excited to keep improving. While I remain the only developer at my company I also know I have a community of developers I can ask for assistance if I ever need to and continue to participate on the Fellowship slack channel years after my graduation.
Oliver Absolutely superb course! Definitely recommend to people who are thinking about a career change or just kickstart their IT career. You will learn all the fundamentals and best practices that you need to land a developer job after graduating and all this just in 3 months (plus pre-course). Teachers and teaching assistants were best in the industry with years of experience. Support was amazing throughout the course. Really liked the 1on1 meetings every Friday where you review the actual week and get lots of feedback. If you're still not convinced, attend one of the taster evenings and have a chat with postgrads and instructors.
Simon Steadman I completed the coding fellowship nearly two and a half years ago, so I hope this review provides the added benefit of some longer term perspective, having successfully transitioned into a rewarding career in tech as a result of completing this course. The 12 weeks from start to finish were very intense, you will experience high and lows but I have no regrets about embarking on this course. It will provide you with the fundamentals you need to get started across a wide range of languages, at speed. The best advice I can give to anyone considering enrolling would be to get to a comfortable level with the basics in your own time first (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and anything else that interests you), talk to developers, thoroughly research the industry and have a realistic target with regard to where you want to be by week 12. If you are prepared to put in the work (and the work IS tough) before, during and after the course you will be amazed by the amount of opportunities that will arise which may not have been possible in your previous or current career. Development is tough when starting out, it takes time, hard work and patience, so make sure you know fully know what to expect. I was able to forge strong working relationships with all of the instructors on my course- they all have bags of experience, know everything there is to know about their specialisms and their support throughout was invaluable. The location and facilitates are good and you will undoubtedly make friends with your fellow students. On a personal level, I forged a career in the data science route off the back of this course which wasn't directly covered on my cohorts curriculum, but that is what played best to my interests and strengths. That is one of the added benefits of this course; it will enable you to think about the different options available whilst giving you with the skills that employers will be looking for at entry level. I would recommend the coding fellowship to anyone who is serious about starting out as a web developer or is perhaps looking to utilise the Dev role as a platform for a wider career in tech.
Alys Pritchard I did a lot of research before committing to the course, and really believe Develop Me is the best option in the South West. The support on the course was great, and I really think it's worth the money. All of the teachers were fantastic, and it's great to be taught by people who are actually working in the industry. I considered going to university, but that would have been 3 years and cost a lot more ultimately! Instead, in a few months I've gone from working in a call centre to being a web developer! Best decision I made, and it has really changed my life. I did a couple of part time courses first with other providers, which I would recommend, as I believe it helped me to do well on the Develop Me course, and make the most of it. I also did lots of online courses, but I do think you learn more with a teacher, and it's a bit more interesting too. If you identify as a women/non-binary and are aged 18-23, or 18+ and completed studies in the past 2 years, I would highly recommend Code First: Girls. They run free beginners courses in Bristol (and around the country). It's really great prep for Develop Me and won't cost you a thing.
Paul Pritchard I did a lot of research before signing up for the bootcamp as this was a huge decision for me to make. Being in my 40’s with a family and changing career was pretty daunting and I was concerned that it would be difficult for me to find work but it turned out this has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The teachers on the course were fantastic and it was great to be taught by people with real experience in the industry, who knew what you really needed to know to get a job on graduation. There was also a classroom assistant who was great and always there to help. They also assigned each student an industry mentor which was brilliant, and gave a real insight into the industry. I still meet up with my mentor since graduating for a beer and a chat! The support to find work was great as well; preparing us with mock interviews and then helping to get actual job interviews. Overall the bootcamp has amazing teachers, a great curriculum and fantastic job assistance. I thoroughly recommend it. Go for it, you won’t regret it!!
Sasha Lawrence I discovered the course online after doing a lot of research into bootcamps for web development in Bristol, I went along to a coding fellowship bootcamp taster evening to see what it was all about. On the evening I met Pete and Oli running the course and made a little game as my first introduction to coding - and I was sold on doing the course. I wanted a new direction in my career having previously worked in animation, despite loving my area of work, I wanted to learn something different and in demand. I discovered there was great need for skilled web developers and coding is something I have always been interested in so thought it was an area I should look into. The course is a big investment of time, money and risk - but it was definitely worth it! I have enjoyed the intense learning experience and has opened my eyes to a new creative industry. The teaching was excellent - it was great to have various tutors each with their own skills, specialist knowledge and interests. Also the support from developme e.g. the 1 on 1s every week where we reflect on how that week's subject has gone were invaluable. I have managed to get a job pretty soon after the course and am enjoying being a front end developer - I would recommend doing it.