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Khoa Dam I attended Coderschool web dev bootcamp in hopes of getting away from my previous job. Taking the step towards this by starting the 12 week bootcamp was extremely intimidating at first. With the help and guidance from the instructors and my classmates I grew in confidence day after day. When I think of myself and what I was doing a year prior it's hard to believe I've come this far. Much of it wouldn't have been possible I feel without the amazing and supportive staff at CoderSchool. This has been one of the biggest impacts in my life; thank you for everything!
Sean Mitchell I attended the 2020 Machine Learning Engineer bootcamp. It was an intensive 3 month programme. I travelled to Saigon, Vietnam from New Zealand for this course and only speak English. I found the course to be amazing, the lecturers very supportive and the course material of a high standard. Don't get me wrong it was very difficult but I am a much better coder for the experience. I would recommend it!