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Adrian Gross Propulsion Academy helped me to gain the necessary skills to make a successful start in the world of software development. They also showed me how to design a portfolio that would be appealing to modern companies. With great patience and effort, they supported every member of my class till they found the answer to the problem that they were looking for.
Adrian Molzon Propulsion Academy delivers on its promise of an intensive three month course. During my studies, I was given the necessary tools to begin a career as a data scientist. I was impressed by both the rigor of the daily tasks and the pedigree of my classmates. I also was introduced to many potential companies in Zurich, and I saw the instructors work day in and day out to find potential employers in the area. I owe my current job to Propulsion.
Clemente Cortile Data Science Immersive Bootcamp. Simply the best, and most effective training I've ever had. It's intense and demanding, but it's worth it. Your efforts will return to you ten times over. Half of the course it's actual work. By the end of it I was I impressed with how much my coding, modeling and analytic skills had improved, and I felt enriched by all the new tools I acquired. Bringing this experience to the job market I was able to tackle and solve business problems by designing AI algorithms. And working dataset through a data science pipeline had become second nature. There are also many jobs opportunities in the field as it's still relatively new and growing. If Better hop in now.
Albin Plathottathil Going through the Data Science Intensive Program at Propulsion Academy was an amazing experience. The 12 weeks of intensive work is very well structured starting from the basics of programming languages and data preparation to advanced topics like NLP, TensorFlow, Neural Networks, Deep Learning. The hands on exercise everyday and data challenges once every week keeps reminding how much you learned in such a short time. The instructors having amazing backgrounds in academia and/or in big and famous companies. The Propulsion team should be appreciated the most - super friendly, always available and great mentors. The fellow participants with their diverse backgrounds also adds to the richness of the program.Perhaps the most rewarding of all was the Project Phase being able to work with real data and seeing the results implemented.
Jean Coupon Highly recommended if you need to make the connection between your past experience and a career in Data Science. Perfect for learning the fundamental concepts and tools of data science. For me, it was also a way to accelerate the development of a network of professionals who helped me find a job and with whom I am still in contact. Finally, what I particularly appreciated and which makes a big difference for me compared to other programs is the attention the Propulsion team paid to the students, during the training but also afterwards, when there is a crucial need for support to find a job