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Karim Daou

When I first signed up for the course, I saw it as an opportunity to expand my skills and improve my CV, allowing me more options to choose from in the job market, I did not expect it to have this big a change on my way of approaching problems. The course itself is intense, I found myself frustrated alot of the time, now looking back at those days I find them funny, but I truly remember days where I felt really discouraged and blocked, not because of a problem with the curriculum or instructors, but simply because of the number of new concepts I was trying to wrap my head around, but the further we went into the course, the less frustration I felt, and the more excited I became about adding more and more skills to my portfolio. Frustration will be there regardless, but the instructors at BCS did a genuinly amazing job guiding me through it, especially when I think back at it now. At first I was a bit annoyed that my answers weren't being answered like I wanted them to be, and this will probably happen to you as well, but again, the farther we got into the course, the more I understood that I was asking the wrong questions somewhat, and the answers I was getting weren't the necessarily the ones that would solve my problem at the time, but they were the answers that would make me go on to be the best coder I can be. So in a way, the most beneficial help my insturctors gave me was: knowing when to tell me how to fix a problem and push through the frustration and at other times knowing when to give me a small hint and let me go research a problem all on my own without making it too easy. The layout of the course was really logical, it felt as if we had a natural progression among the topics, starting with the light stuff such as HTML/CSS and getting to know the ins and outs of JavaScript, and then moving on into the Front-end and Back-end centered programs, such as React, React Native and Express, and finally the course ended with the project period which was when everything truly came together, all the frustration and growing pains I went through during the early period of the course were replaced with productivity and fist-thrusts whenever a component finally worked like it should. I would say that the course definitly changed my way of thinking, and this became more apparent in the period after the course, where the training wheels fell of so to speak, and I started coding on my own, something that seemed like a real challenge when I was still attending the class, but the good research habits I learned during the course, and my instructors always being ready to give detailed and fast help even until now have made a seemless transition. This course will taught me how to approach coding problems in a really efficient and productive way, it allowed me to explore more of my creativity simply because I have so many more tools at my disposal now and it has aided me greatly in a professional sense as it has afforded me many new opportunities. I would recommend it to anyone trying to open new doors in their professional careers, or trying to find new avenues to express their creativity and individuality