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Tam Ho I joined their Machine Learning Engineer bootcamp in November 2019. Three months of learning were superbly rewarding. Not only did we learn about machine learning in depth but also other essential skills like data engineering, visualization, algorithms and data structures, scripting languages, cloud deployment, etc. The instructors (Hai-Minh Do, Minh-Anh Nguyen, Tom Huynh, H.Nguyen, Mikal Castillo) were very supportive and provide each of us personal support. We also learn how to present ourselves professionally as future computer engineer/data engineer as we build our professional portfolios and interview practice. The instructors also share with us students their professional experience for us to familiarize with this career path. The course is suitable for beginners to intermediate learners. Even though I had some intermediary experience in coding before this course, through this intense course, I improve my skills significantly and even acquire deeper understanding of machine learning specifically and computer science in general. There are also events for students to meet professionals, networking, make connections. The instructor of the course Hai-Minh Do is a certified Google partner and organizes Google/Tensorflow events in HCMC. Moreover, the course is priced very reasonably and the rewards reaped from this course will far exceed what you have to pay for. The connections that I make at CoderSchool were very precious and supportive, it was truly a community to be part of.